In order to use ELBA-internet you need:
  • For monetary transactions, an account, for security transactions a portfolio with a VKB-Bank-branch.
  • A signatory number and a PIN (Personal Identifications Number) for login to ELBA-internet. You will get both of these numbers once you sign a Subscription Agreement with your VKB-Bank.
  • Moreover, to authorize transfers you get a cardTAN that is generated by a dedicated cardTAN generator or a SMS to your mobile phone (smsTAN).

    If you already hold a licence for a ELBA-business oder ELBA-basic you can use the existing access codes (signatory number, PIN, TAN, etc. ...) also for ELBA-internet. All you have to do is obtain the OK for ELBA-internet from your personal adviser at your VKB-Bank.

  • An Internet access with a browser capable of encoding information with 128 Bit. For more details concerning the tested browsers, please consult the ELBA-internet. Always use the latest Version wherever feasible.

    You are free to use any OS for which a modern browser with 128-bit encryption is available.

    Important note:
    In some company networks, this connection is barred by an internal FIREWALL, which may create problems when working with ELBA-internet. If you are affected by this situation, consult your company's EDP expert.

  • For your own security please note our security hints.